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"I was convinced all men were just crazy because they said one thing and did another. I didn’t think any amount of coaching was going to change that. However I have to admit I was wrong. Men do what they’re designed to do and once I understood that they were no longer confusing. I’m now a true believer in the power of coaching. "

Jessica Richards

"I could never understand why men were always so attentive in the beginning of a relationship but then started to totally lose interest when things were just getting good. The insight Doc Reid provided in coaching not only helped me to understand but it also taught me how to keep a man’s interest."

Barbara Smith


"I’ve been dating a guy who’s been emotionally on the fence about our relationship for several years which has been extremely frustrating. When I watched the DVD, I honestly felt like you were thinking about me when you were asking these questions. It shed so much light on the gray areas I’ve always struggled to understand about men’s behavior. I even followed the advice several of the guys gave in the video and almost like magic my boyfriend is more into me than he’s ever been. THANK YOU "

Heather Taylor


"I had zero confidence when it came to dealing with the opposite sex. I had just gone through a horrible divorce that left my self esteem in ruins. However, the depth of honesty these men were willing to share about themselves and men in general was amazing. The insight they provided gave me the courage to date again. I’m currently seeing a wonderful man who is everything my ex wasn’t. This has easily been my best purchase in 4 years. "

Teresa Fleming


"Counseling… we all need it but are afraid to ask for help.  We fear spilling our guts and then having our business all in the streets. It is trust we are searching for; someone who will guide without bullying and counsel with compassion.  Doc Reid is that person.  He has been a valuable influence in my life."

Yolanda Lee-Horton


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