Are You Ready To Discover True Love?

  • Are you tired of blindly making costly mistakes repeatedly & missing out on true love?
  • Do you want to stop throwing away your precious time and choosing people who will never be right for you?
  • Do you want to project the kind of magnetic self confidence that will captivate the opposite sex?

If you've been longing to discover true love, there are certain tried and true techniques that are proven to get results.  The good news is these powerful techniques are not exclusive to one particular group of divinely chosen individuals.  However, they can remain hidden, even when fully exposed, if you're not aware of how to identify and use them.  Date coaching can definitely help reveal the devastating roadblocks that have crippled your relationship success.

Just take a second and picture yourself as a self assured, captivating and accomplished person who easily attracts the type of person who respects, supports and loves you.  If that's the person you want to be, STOP moping around the house on the weekends hoping love will come knocking on your door.  Make a decision TODAY to take control of your destiny and learn how to create magical opportunities that lead to love.


Here's How To Get Started

  1. You can contact me either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to the contact form and send me a message.
  2. I will answer any questions you may have about any of my popular coaching options and rates.   You can even arrange to have a FREE 30 minute consultation.  Since I want to make sure I'm providing the highest quality of service possible, there are only a limited number of coaching slots available at any given time. 
  3. Once you've selected a plan we will schedule your first coaching session.

Popular Coaching Options

My one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted by phone, in person or skype.  My group coaching sessions are conducted via webinar. You will be carefully guided through each step of the process.

90 Day Forbidden Secrets of the GoodyBox Plan 

WOMEN - you will learn:

  • What men are really looking for in a woman they desire to marry.
  • What specifically makes a man want to date you.
  • What men are wildly attracted to and what sends them running in the opposite direction.
  • What makes a man continue to play games vs. wanting to be solely committed to you.
  • What can motivate his desire to propose and marry you.
  • What slight signals men look for to decide if you will get hired or fired.
  • What women unknowingly do that makes men use them for a one nighter or just something to do until Miss Right shows up.
  • The real deal about how men view women and how to make sure you're viewed as the woman who stands out from the rest.
  • What critical mistakes can turn a man from on to off.
  • Many more secrets about how men think and why they do what they do.
  • How to create and utilize a 'Needs vs. Wants' blueprint to guide you to the kind of man you want.
  • How to identify your fundamental beliefs and make sure your attraction strategy is in-line with your core values.
  • How to recognize the difference between your true identity and  your projected image so you don't emit misleading signals.
  • How to discontinue negative thought patterns that will sabotage your plans.
  • How to overcome emotional hurdles that replay painful relationship disasters of the past.

Individual Coaching Sessions (60 Minute Sessions: $90.00 Each)
  • "Ask Doc Reid Anything" Advice & Solution Session
  • Breakup Recovery and transition Sessions
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