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Why He Married Her Instead of You


I have a question for you.

How important is meeting the right guy and developing a loving, committed future with him to you?  Is it in the top 5 things that occupy your thoughts on a weekly basis?  A daily basis?  Or is it even more frequently than that?

Maybe you've already thrown away years of your precious time on a guy who told you he wanted to spend his life with you but ended up marrying someone else.  Or you went out with a guy several times who was really into you but all of a sudden you never heard from him again.

Well you've already determined you don't want to waste one more second struggling to understand why things didn't work out. You want to access the information once and for all that will tell you what angle a man is coming from.  Also you want to know how to tap into the secret trigger that will keep a man attracted to you and keep him asking you out again and again.

What would it be worth to you to have total  confidence and peace of mind when you initially meet a guy and know if he suddenly stops contacting you, it has nothing to do with anything you said or did?

What would it be worth to you to once and for all have the kind of intimate, connected and loving relationship that just kept getting better so you don't have to wait in fear to see if he's going to one day change his mind.

After coaching countless women about men, I realize how extremely valuable the information is the men are sharing on this video.  It will shave years of heartache and frustration off of your learning curve.  If there's one thing that can make a great woman stay in a bad relationship, unable to gravitate toward a healthy  and fulfilling love life, it's being haunted by the mystery of why that one guy disappeared, and re-living that horrible experience again and again in your mind.

To avoid being played again you avoid intimacy and stay single for years or still get trapped in dead end relationships.

Don't allow this to be your destiny.

Do yourself a huge favor and get this part of your life resolved once and for all.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You'll Learn Through 'Why He Married Her Instead Of You'


You will receive links to watch the video online but NOT an actual DVD in the mail

With the knowledge and understanding you’ll obtain in, "Why He Married Her Instead of You," your experience with men will dramatically change for the better. You’ll discover how to easily motivate a to guy gravitate in the direction of a more committed and long term relationship. You’ll feel more encouraged, date with confidence, and develop the joy you’ve always desired.

Here’s just a sample of what you get:

Bad Boys Confess...mistakes women should avoid to prevent getting played

What qualities men find irresistible in a woman.  The truth may surprise you

Learn what HUGE mistakes women make unknowingly that causes him to stop calling.  The reason is not what you may think. 

The ONE thing that makes him feel so loved and appreciated he wants to keep coming back

How to know if a guy is just in it for a fling or the ring no matter what he tells you

Learn what questions single, good-looking and professional guys are asking themselves in every relationship to determine if she's the one

Learn how the art of doing much less can get you much more from a man than you ever imagined.
What it means when men cry and why its so hard for them to show their emotions 

The #1 thing guys desire in a woman - if its missing...beauty, intelligence nor success will matter

Why some men are scared of marriage and what you can do to make him want to eliminate his fear
What beautiful, intelligent and successful women can do unknowingly to instantly turn men off completely

Learn the secret rules to the game men play and how to stop losing at it
Uncover the hidden fears men have when it comes to dating that have nothing to do with you

If you're concerned with if it's really possible to learn all of this from a video and more importantly if it will actually work for you, I don't blame you.  It's understandable if you're a little skeptical.  Intelligent women always are.

But I was very excited to discover that  "Why He Married Her Instead of You" is not just some entertaining video but it actually is having a huge impact on the lives of the women who have watched it.







Christopher "Doc" Reid

P.S. Imagine never having to stress out about what you may have said or done because a guy stopped calling when everything was going so well or why he married her instead of you. You’ll have an entirely new outlook on dating and men.  You'll finally be able to be comfortable and self-assured around men.


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