Docs fam small sizeChristopher Reid is a relationship cardiologist. “Doc” Reid, as he is affectionately, not professionally known, has a specialty in matters of the heart.  
For the last 10 years as a relationship coach, author and speaker, Doc Reid has helped to empower women all over the world to no longer accept less than what they deserve in their relationships. He uses his calm and non-judgmental demeanor to make his clients feel at ease about revealing their innermost secrets about life, love and loss. Doc Reid has an uncanny ability to help his clients move past the surface layer defense strategies they naturally present, to help them see and understand the source of their own destructive habits that can rob them of loving relationship experiences they deserve. This journey of self-discovery that he coaches them through, helps them heal their own broken hearts.
Doc Reid's unique blend of humor, God's Word and unapologetic straight talk, are the reasons women of all backgrounds and ethnicities flock to his message of self love.  Revealing the mind of a man in a way that takes the mystery out of his behavior is also one of Doc Reid's greatest talents.
Doc Reid believes in practicing what he preaches about how a man should treat a woman by constantly pursuing his wife's heart of 25 years.  He affectionately still calls her his girlfriend because he knows how important it is to never stop taking her on dates and romantic getaways without the kids, so they can constantly reconnect.  Doc Reid has also taught his daughters, who are 17 and 14, how a man is supposed to treat them by routinely taking them on daddy daughter dates.
Doc Reid is the co-author of “The Forbidden Secrets of the Good box” which teaches women what their father didn't tell them and their mother didn't know about men and relationships. He also produced the video “Why He Married Her Instead of You” to teach women a man is not looking for a woman he can live with but the one he can't live without. 

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