DLAM PROMOChristopher “Doc” Reid—as he has been nicknamed by friends and clients—has analyzed the mechanics of relationships for almost twenty years. Not a medical doctor, his God-given insight makes one believe that he has a Ph.D in matters of the heart: a relationship cardiologist. Christopher’s easy-going and nonjudgmental demeanor eases perfect strangers into revealing their inner-most, darkest secrets about love, life and heartbreak. After experiencing numerous chance encounters, Christopher turned his passion into profession. He now helps a plethora of people reconcile relationships and continuously evaluate life in order to make significant improvements.

Getting to the heart-of-the-matter is his specialty. Many people develop a coping mechanism to deal with hurt and disappointment. Christopher has the uncanny ability to work past the surface layer of defense to enlighten people about the source of the destructive habits that rob them of the loving relationships they deserve.

Christopher has been married for 21 years and has two daughters. Leading by example, he makes it a priority to take his wife on dates and romantic getaways. The Reids are business partners in DarsFitness.com which promotes health and fitness. Christopher knows the importance of taking his daughter's on weekly dates. His intent is to show them how a man is supposed to treat them when they’re old enough to date. The outings also serve as quality time for his girls to share their thoughts and feelings having Daddy’s undivided attention.

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